Regenerative Medicine Webinar

Want to know what the pros and cons are of autologous cell therapy? Wondering why you colleagues are using adipose now instead of bone marrow? In this talk we discuss everything from fat grafting to adipose derived cell therapy. Learn about the foundational science behind Cellmyx's products and services.

Whether you are interested in Adipose Derived Stem Cells, Fat Grafting, Platelet Rich Plasma, Cell Counting, Amniotic Products, or Regenerative Medicine in general, this 50 minute introductory webinar will offer you insight into the latest science, techniques, compliance and protocols.

Webinar Topics Include:
* Introduction to Cellmyx regenerative product lines including the AcquiCell™ 
* Stem Cells 101
* Adipose Derived Cells
* Fat Grafting
* Platelet Rich Plasma
* Amniotic Products
* Quantitative and Qualitative Cell Counting done cheaply and efficiently
* Current and Corresponding Publications Relative to Each Subject

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